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Nordson Corporation manufactures equipment
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Adaptation for various industries of production

  • The place for packaging. Case and carton sealing, attachment, confectionery and small pack, tray making, palletizing and more.

    We're experts in medical. Manufacturing and development. Medical device design. Components & Technologies.

    Automated fluid dispensing solutions. Advanced semiconductor packaging. PCB assembly. And much more.

    Advanced surface treatment systems. Plasma technology for semiconductor, printed circuit board, LED and related industries.

  • Engineered fluid dispensing. For nearly every process you can imagine.

    We know powder coating. From manual to fully automated systems.

    Liquid painting solutions.Electrostatic, non-electrostatic, and rotary atomization solutions for plastic, metal and wood products.

    Look a little closer. We're the leader in test and inspection solutions for electronics manufacturers.

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson Corporation offers equipment for the precision dosing of adhesive and sealants, covering and other materials; for carrying out tests and inspections, and also for hardening by UV light and plasma processing of surfaces.

Nordson adhesive systems are officially recognized as the industry standard and are more effective than all available at the moment. Nordson’s ability to find optimal way to solve the packaging problem is caused by grandiose experience: more than 30 years Nordson takes the advanced positions in development and release of adhesive dispensing systems for packaging industry of the whole world.

The equipment of Nordson is constantly improved. To minimize human participation in the manufacturing process, and also to reduce power expenses and increase the productivity, new technologies and component are developed.